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The Process Producing Green Barley


Cultivation is done in a clean air and natural environment without using any pesticides or chemical fertilizers.


Harvest is done carefully by hand-picking in order not to damage the tasty and the most nutrient-rich new bud part near the root.


Damaged parts are sorted out visually and by hand.


Cleaning is done carefully with running water.


After the leaves are chopped up into small pieces, they are heated with an original method.


The leaves are dried at low temperature not to lose nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.


The dried green barley is finely milled first.


The dried green barley is finely milled first.

Steam sterilization

The green barley undergoes pressurized steam sterilization in order not to lose the nutrients.

Hyperfine powder processing

The green barley is processed into hyperfine powder being to add unnecessary heat.

Filling and packaging

The product is filled into a stick bag by a special purpose machine and packaged.

X-ray inspection

Inspection is performed with x-ray in order to detect any foreign material for security and safety.


The product is packed into cases and readied for shipping.

What we have always borne in mind since 1977 is an Eastern medicine approach that "take steps to better your health to prevent disease." The best way to keep you healthy is using our products regularly. And we have been sincerely working on providing a range of the highest quality products with the 3 promises.

Customer Satisfaction

We believe in providing our customers with valued products which surpass their expectations. We, Yamamoto Kanpoh utilize our own precise quality control measures to produce health food based on our state-of-the-art pharmaceutical technologies. And to enhance the quality of our products even further, we continue to refine our exisiting equipment and facilities and improve our manufacturing process.

High Quality

To continuously provide quality products, we learn from our customers about their needs and refine our goods. We receive a lot of feedback from our customers every day. Each and every feedback is an important asset for us. With their frank feedback, we work quickly to adapt our products to meet their wishes.

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