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Young Barley Grass does not have a grassy taste and is easy to drink. The flavor is similar to matcha tea. Our young barley leaves are grown in clean, natural air and are rich in minerals, vitamins and fiber to support your health. Sterilized with pressurized steam, pesticide-tested and additive free.

Mixed Herbal Tea (FAT FLOW) is blended from 11 different kinds of teas such as Du Zhong leaf and Pu'er tea. This tea works wells for those who are concerned with losing body fat. It has a delicious flavor and is easy to drink.

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Discover the perfect combination of food and drink recipes for every occasion, from weeknight dinners to holiday feasts, with the use of our signature product: Young Barley Grass Powder


Green Barley Squash

Soy Milk Latte

Green Barley Yogurt Smoothie

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Green Barley Pudding

Green Barley Kantan

Green Barley Cookie

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Aojiru Curry

Green Barley Yogurt Bowl

Aojiru Nebaneba Don

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Amazake Green Barley

Green Barley Beer

Green Barley Mojito

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We endeavor to improve the health of people all over the world through our expertise and experience with both Chinese and all-natual medicine.

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We are Yamamoto Kanpoh. We recently celebrated the 40th anniversary of our establishment.

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Three promises we make to maintain our customers’ health.

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