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We are Yamamoto Kanpoh. We recently celebrated the 40th anniversary of our establishment.

Yamamoto Kanpoh Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Sei Yamamoto, CEO

  • We always endeavor to bring our customers satisfaction and joy with products that surpass their expectations.
  • We always strive to improve our products by making good use of our experience with both Chinese and all-natural medicine.
  • We always persevere in reaching our goals with the motto, "if we feel it is good, we do it right away."
  • We maintain our company as an "essential element" of our society and strive for both business development as well as our customers’ and employees’ well-being.
  • We always show gratitude to our customers, suppliers, employees and their families.
  • We always enjoy working, and we approach our work with a spirit of self-improvement and accepting challenges.

Machinery & Equipment

Our Philosophy

We endeavor to improve the health of people all over the world through our expertise and experience with both Chinese and all-natural medicine.

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